What is the best online weight loss program for you?

The online fitness industry is booming.  On a global scale, statistics show that income from online fitness programs grew from US$94 billion in 2018 to $US96.7billion in 2019.  The prediction for 2021 was $102 billion but the explosion of online programs due to COVID lockdowns may have affected this result.  Program duration ranges from a week to months or ongoing as long as you are happy to subscribe.  Some include live workouts and seminars, some are fully pre-recorded and some are fully automated with no live interaction at all.  Prices range from a few dollars per week to hundreds. So what is the best online weight loss program for you?

best online weight loss program

I work with both online and face to face clients and preferences are usually very clear.  Some people prefer face to face interaction and respond better to guidance when they have a live person advising them.  However, many of my clients are happy to work with me via Zoom, phone, Facebook live, pre-recorded videos and through the subscription sites I have set up for their programs.  The interaction is still very real and we can often achieve even better results.

So, how do you choose the best online weight loss program for you?

  1. Ask yourself – what is going to motivate you?  Are you a person that needs face to face interaction or are you happy to work away on your own to pre-recorded material.  It can be a challenge to maintain motivation when there is no social pressure to join in and participate.  I chose to make my online programs completely interactive for this reason.  The members are chatting every day online and encouraging each other.  Joining your tribe can be very motivational.  Everyone has similar goals and the all understand what you are going through.
  2. Are you tech savvy?  Technology can be a blessing and a curse!  Do you have a good WIFI connection?  Is your hardware (computers, tablets, phones etc) capable of running the videos etc?  The technology aspect can be disconcerting but everything can be learned, and computers and wifi can be upgraded so make sure you are ready before you sign up.  Some programs have a time limit of access on them so don’t waste time fiddling around with technology instead of doing what you need to do to lose weight.
  3. Do you have the space to jump around?  Most programs require the space of a basic exercise mat and a little bit more.  There is the huge advantage of being able to roll out of bed with your pyjamas still on and your hair standing on end and get your workout done. Exercise, nutrition and education at home also saves travel time so you have more time to spend on other areas of your life.
  4. Do you require any additional equipment?  If the online program recommends a fair amount of equipment you may end up spending past your budget to complete the program.
  5. Where is the program based?  They may have live workouts but it may be 2am on your time zone.  Unless you want to get up in the middle of the night to train then check out the workout times in your part of the world.
  6. Is there anyone around to chat to when you are struggling? I know from clinical experience that weight loss can be a challenge.  There are habits that have been buried deep in your unconscious for a very long time.  Breaking those habits may take some extra support.  If all you have been provided with in the program is exercise videos and meal plans you may struggle to break those habits, especially if you have quite a bit to lose.  If mindset is an issue, make sure that you can chat to someone that can help you make the changes you need to make.
  7. Is it the whole package?  Weight loss is 70% diet and 30% exercise as well as hormones, gut bacteria, mindset etc.  If you ignore any of these aspects then there may be a lack of long-term success.  Make sure your program covers diet, exercise, mindset and education to help you understand what you need to do for long term health.
  8. Are the meal plans going to cover your specific dietary needs?  You may be coeliac or gluten sensitive, vegetarian, vegan, lactose intolerant etc.  The meal plan will be pretty useless if it doesn’t take these issues into account.
  9. Is the program within your budget?  If you can afford more then go for the better package.  The price of a fully recorded online program may look attractive but there may be zero interaction and therefore a reduced likelihood of success.

All of my online programs have taken all of these aspects into account.  I have group and 1-to-1 programs but the main factor in both of them is that I am there for you – live – every day.  There is access to live as well as pre-recorded workouts and education seminars but I am available daily for chat, support, questions etc.

Check out the programs today.  Could be a game changer.

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