Individual nutrition consultation

A 1-hour consultation with weight loss, cleaning up your diet, gut health, health issues etc. at the forefront. This consultation provides time to take a full heath history, discuss requirements and compile a nutrition and treatment plan.  Includes a body composition analysis.

Follow-up nutrition consultation

A 45-minutes consultation to follow up on previous recommendations and assess progress with regards to health issues.

Regular weight loss follow-up

A 20-minute consultation to assess weight loss progress and further requirements.  This consultation includes a bioimpedance body composition analysis.

ECAL Metabolic Testing

A 15-minute consultation to do ECAL metabolic breath testing, discuss the results, and provide recommendations for dietary change, if required.  You must fast for at least 4 hours prior to this test (you can drink water, but no food).

Body composition analysis

A 15-minutes consultation to do a bioimpedance body composition analysis, and discuss results.  This consultation also includes a 10-minute nutrition chat where you can discuss your health issues and requirements.

ECAL + body composition analysis + 1-hour nutrition consultation

A 90-minute comprehensive consultation compiled of an ECAL breath test, body composition analysis and a 60-minute nutrition consultation.  Includes testing, analysis of results, comprehensive case history, recommendations for further testing and personalised nutrition and lifestyle advice.  You must fast for at least 4 hours prior to this test (you can drink water, but no food).