You may suspect or know that you are histamine intolerant or have been advised to follow a low histamine diet by a health professional.

A low histamine diet can be a challenging thing to incorporate! Knowing what foods to eat and how to prepare them can be confusing. Therefore, I have developed a low histamine meal plan to help take the stress out of an already challenging exclusion diet. As you are probably aware, it is not enough to choose low histamine foods, you also need to make sure they are prepared in the correct way and stored properly. The low histamine meal plan provides 4 weeks of low histamine breakfasts, lunches and dinners along with low histamine recipes and I have also included a Histamine Intolerance flyer with tips on meal prepping, storage and what to choose at the supermarket. This Low Histamine Meal Plan should provide all of the resources you need to follow a low histamine diet on an ongoing basis.