This meal plan is designed to drive weight loss in those that may be metabolically unhealthy. If someone has been overweight for some time or has 10kgs+ to lose they may have an element of insulin resistance. This is where the cells of the body have been overloaded with glucose for too long and the gates on the cells no longer respond to insulin. This lack of response leads to excess glucose in the blood and fat storage. Reducing carbohydrates in the diet can help to heal this metabolic dysfunction and drive weight loss back to a healthy weight. This diet omits high carbohydrate foods such as legumes, grains, potatoes etc. and replaces them with low carbohydrate vegetables e.g. rice is replaced with cauliflower rice, noodles are replaced with zucchini noodles etc. When clients convert to low carb diet, they often overdo elements such as red meat, bacon etc, which are not healthy in excess. This meal plan provides a good range of proteins including fish, seafood, chicken, and turkey as well as healthy portions of red meat. It is also loaded with some fruit and lots of vegetables to provide all of the nutrition you need to live a healthy life as well as hit your weight loss goals.

This diet is exactly the same as the Paleo based diet (as above) but dairy foods are not excluded. Opt for this diet if you feel that you want to try Paleo living but you don’t need or want to give up dairy foods.