When I work with my clients, I am all about working towards long-term and sustainable lifestyle change.  However, I do see a few clients who want to know how to lose weight fast!  Maybe there’s been a marriage proposal or an unexpected holiday or a party invitation or an upcoming surgery they want to get into shape for, and they need results as soon as possible.  I am always happy to accommodate as long as I feel there is no threat to long term health or any hint of disordered eating.

I use many different techniques to help my clients lose weight but there are a couple I go directly to when they want it fast:

The Low Calorie Diet

  how to lose weight fastThe low calorie diet is well researched and has been shown to drop kgs fast.  The current trend is towards 800 calories per day to get the weight off quickly.  You can do this with either food or there are shakes available that take food out of the equation completely.  What does 800 calories per day look like:

Breakfast – A poached egg

Lunch – A plate of vegetable soup

Dinner – Steamed fish and vegetables.

The down side of this type of diet is that you will probably be hungry and clients find it somewhat challenging and unsustainable for this reason.  It’s also really important to focus on your nutritional needs e.g. protein and essential vitamins and minerals.  The food you eat has to be super nutritious and fortunately, fruits and vegetables are low calorie so you can eat lots of them on this diet.  Fats may be an issue because they are very calorie rich so you may be lacking a few essential fatty acids on a long-term basis.  Success also depends on how well your metabolic fire is currently burning.  If you have been a serial yoyo dieter for your whole life your metabolic rate may be low and starving yourself is definitely not the solution (in this case often eating more is the solution).  However, if you are a metabolically healthy person and just want to drop a few kgs fast then this is a good way to do it.  I also have clients who have dropped 50kgs on this diet so it is also a long term solution if you have the stamina to do it.


Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is also a great way to lose weight relatively fast.  This is the type of regime I recommend for my super busy clients who find it difficult to stick to a healthy cooking, prepping and eating schedule.  You can cut out breakfast and eat in an 8 hour window every day or you can do something like the 5:2 diet where you eat normally for 5 days and limit yourself to around 500 calories on 2 days of the week.  This solves the hunger problem on the 5 days you are eating normally and you only have to worry about eating low calorie for 2 days per week.  I would still go to the low calorie option for rapid weight loss but if you feel you can’t handle the hunger then this is the next best thing.


5-Day Fast

how to lose weight fastIf you want to know how to lose weight fast – this one is not for the faint hearted – the 5-day water fast! This means that you would live on only water for 5 days.  You would have to be a very physically robust person to attempt this although the 5-day water fast does come with some great healing benefits.  Check out Valter Longgo’s The Longevity Diet for some of the great benefits of fasting  You definitely wouldn’t want to plan this one around a busy work schedule.  Lots of rest at home and looking after yourself.  A few of my clients have done this type of regime at health retreats.  You do feel amazing at the end of it and you will lose a few kgs but there is a few days of pain in between.  Be careful with this one – avoid passing out at a work meeting!  If one of my clients wanted to do this one I would ask them to check in with me once or twice a day.


Low Carbohydrate Diet

The low carbohydrate diet is my usual go to for long term sustained weight loss.  It usually solves the problem of hormone dysfunction and gets blood glucose under control.  You will lose weight on a low carb diet and you will also lose a fair bit of water in the first week or 2.  Clients generally lose 2-3 and sometimes even 4kgs in the first 2 weeks.  The upside of the low carb diet is that you are filling up on protein, fats and fibre daily so there is no all day hunger.  However, if it’s rapid weight loss you are after, in my opinion, the low calorie diet works faster.  It is a challenge to do mixture of the 2 because a low carbohydrate is high fat and fat is very calorie rich.  However, many of my clients combine intermittent fasting and low carbohydrate diets with great success.  This double pronged approach accelerates weight loss for more rapid results.  A regime of 16:8 fasting plus low carbohydrate living works well.  The downside is you have to take grains, beans, lentils, chickpeas etc out of your diet and the first week of conversion can be somewhat challenging (you may be tired, cranky, anxious, hungry, craving sugar or a combination of all of them) as your body converts to fat for fuel.  This means that you may have to wait a week or 2 to start the fasting part – if you are not fat adapted the first week is going to be even more challenging! Also, if you are in ketosis your breath may smell of ketones, which can be a little unpleasant.  However, as a long term weight loss solution I think this one is the best.


Increasing or changing up exercise

how to lose weight fastExercise is a major part of any weight loss regime.  If you have been doing nothing for a period of time then get started straight away and exercise daily for weight loss success.  There’s no point in going from zero to 60 in 5 minutes (you’ll just get injured) but you can get out walking, get on your bike, jump in the pool or dance your butt off in front of the TV to get things moving.  Our bodies respond very well to change so changing your exercise routine can lead to better results.  For example, you may have been walking every day for the past 5 years.  An excellent habit.  However, your body has become very efficient at walking.  It uses less calories to walk than it did 5 years ago because it’s a well practiced habit and it has become very good at doing it.  Adding in something new like weight lifting or cycling or swimming forces the body to learn a new skill and use more energy in the process.  Changing to a new activity can help to get the weight loss going.  Exercise should always be part of a weight loss regime but if you are eating a low calorie diet you may find that you lack energy to go for it on the movement front.  In this case, move as much as you can.  We should all be aiming for approximately 10,000 steps per day. Remember the more you exercise, the more muscle you will gain so don’t trust the scales to gauge results. Body measurements or dropping a dress size are far better indicators of how well you are doing.

At Physical Nutrition we have various weight loss solutions available to you.

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I hope to see you soon.