12 Week Fitness Challenge



The Eat Train Glow Challenge

  • Do you want to drop kgs and build a fit, lean and toned body?

  • Do you want to learn how to balance hormones and get into the shape of your life?

  • Do you want ongoing help with mindset and motivation?

  • Do you want to learn all you need to know about women’s health to help you age beautifully?

  • Do you want exercise routines built specifically with your body in mind?

  • Do you want easy to follow, family friendly recipes that fit into your busy lifestyle?

  • Do you need help to build new healthy habits that you can maintain for a lifetime?

The Eat Train Glow online fitness challenge has been designed with busy women in mind. There are 5 workouts per week designed to strip fat and tone muscle plus daily step goals to encourage a daily movement habit. Lots of easy to throw together recipes, achievable ongoing lifestyle goals, tips for food prepping and planning and support to get you through busy and stressful times. No one wants to spend hours food prepping and shopping. The entire 12 week fitness challenge can be completed at home so you don’t even have to travel to a gym or fitness studio. When it comes to long term habit change, mindset is everything so we spend lots of time developing a health mindset during our weekly lives. We also practice moderation – perfection is unachievable and unsustainable. Treats are a very important part of any long term health program.

This 12 week fitness challenge has everything you need for you to drop kgs, build lean muscle and feel amazing.

The Eat Train Glow 12 -Week Fitness Challenge includes:
  • 12 weeks of workout videos designed to burn fat and tone muscles.
  • daily step goals.
  • 12 weeks of family friendly, easy to follow meal plans, recipes and shopping lists. Meat-based, vegetarian or pescatarian plans available.
  • 12 weeks of women’s health educations seminars.
  • a members-only Facebook page for accountability and support
  • a live chat per week with a degree qualified clinical nutritionist and mindset coach

Only $99 for the whole 12 weeks and all of the resources.

Let’s make this even more interesting! Sign up today and receive a coupon code for friends and family members. Challenges are way more fun in a group of like minded people! Sign up as many people as you like for only $29 per person.


Not sure if this is the plan for you?

Try a week for free before you commit to the 12 week program. Absolutely no obligation required.

Your trial week includes:

  • 5 free workout videos
  • a free 7-day meal plan, recipes and shopping list
  • 2 free education seminars
  • access to the member’s only Facebook page.

Cancel at any time during the first week .

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I am loving this program this is the best I have done in a long time and actually have got over the missing carbs too which is amazing as I ate a lot of carbs before. My energy levels are great and sleeping much better too. The exercise is great too love with warm up and cool down afterwards even manage most weeks 5 days.

Love all the information you give us in the seminars too, it all makes sense and have taken a lot from them.


Absolutely insanely good program. Totally down to earth and the education and mindset work just sets it off.

Absolutely buzzing to start the next program in April.

I’m on this program and it’s superb!

Excellent program!

Great food, challenging workouts and brilliant education sessions!

After just 2 weeks, I honestly can’t believe the difference in my fitness and energy levels.

The program is fantastic!